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I See You

We are navigating an era where digital interactions and political polarization are on the rise. Too often the collateral damage is our emotional health. Isolation can kill people from the inside out.

But there is an antidote. Through stories, analogies, and humor, I See You invites each of us to face the battle against separation head-on.

As we commit to listen, protect, and love each other more fiercely, we will see those who need us most. People all around us are praying for relief. We can answer their plea. We might even be their miracle.

Published October 2020



Broccolipunzle just wants to be normal. But the villagers stare. They whisper. When a stranger offers her a life without broccoli, the princess has to choose between the life she’s always

wanted and the life she’s meant for.

A fairytale teaching human connection, self-acceptance, and embracing differences. This is a story for young hearts and those who still feel young-hearted.

Published April 2022


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Dawn Rhinehart

Gena's Book Nook


This is a true testament of the power of connection and compassion that is needed in all our lives. Julie Lee has beautifully outlined the miracles that can happen when we choose to see the potential and worth of every soul.

Clint Pulver, Keynote Speaker, Entertainer, and author of I Love It Here

In I See You, Julie Lee masterfully shows us how to engage emotionally to create happiness through connection. Introspection and self-growth are necessary to see others and truly appreciate them. Julie teaches us how to become our most authentic selves to be able to bring out the best in those around us.

Ty Bennett, Keynote Speaker and Author of Partnership Is The New Leadership

I have become a better person after reading I See You because it has changed the way that I think and act.  As a business owner and leadership consultant I am so aware of the complications, divisions and isolations that exist in today’s society, and know there has never been a more important time for individuals to “see” and connect with others. This timely and important book will teach you how to do that.

 Sydney Jacques, CEO of Jacques and Associates

Julie is one of the most relatable, empathetic people I have ever collaborated with.  Julie shares her struggles with anxiety, depression, fear, and the unknown in such a raw, vulnerable way that those seeking motivation will feel seen and understood. She uses her gifts of energy, motivation, and compassion to show that healing and growth is possible despite the challenges that life throws our way.

Julie is one of the most relatable and empathetic people I have ever collaborated with... her raw vulnerability blows me away. 

Tony Overbay, LMFT, Host of The Virtual Couch Podcast

As a professional psychologist, I know well the value of therapeutic intervention and clinical care. These proven resources are space heaters compared to the furnace of human connection for melting the icy grip of isolation. In I See You, Julie Lee gives us a heartfelt invitation to peel back a few layers and truly connect with each other lessons she learned at ground level. Her guidance here will heal hearts and open relationships in a way that is socially profound and psychologically sound.

Paul H. Jenkins, PhD Psychologist, author of Pathological Positivity, and host of Live on Purpose TV

In a world that moves too fast and argues too much, Julie Lee reminds us of the importance and power of human connection and compassion. In sharing her story with such authenticity, she empowers us to recognize the capacity for healing and the sense of purpose to be found in our own. I See You is a must-read for all who hope to see beyond the surface and into the heart of the human experience.

Jennie Taylor, Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army for the State of Utah, Gold Star Wife

The art of the human connection is alive! An impactful and invigorating look at why we need to not push away from each other, but instead encourage us to move in closer to each other and heal through compassion and connection. A message so badly needed with all the growing disconnect with others in politics, social media, and common issues we face everyday. Julie Lee captures beautifully how this significance can come in the simplest of moments of core human connection.

Jon Petz, Business Leadership Keynote Speaker and author of Significance in Simple Moments

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