Episode 100: We Save Kids By Saving Ourselves First

Episode 2 Finale! Today, I discuss why my focus is narrowing. As a speaker and writer, I am striving to help the adults who most consistently influence kids: parents and educators. While the youth in our world are experiencing awful increases in anxiety, depression, and suicide, I feel hopeful for the future.

As adults, we have the power to model for the kids in our lives, how to navigate negative emotions, practice self compassion, and embrace our differences. Change is coming.

Episode Sponsor: Tony Overbay, Host of the Virtual Couch

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Episode 99: Freeing the Captive w/ Jessica Mass, Director of Aftercare at Operation Underground Railroad

Rescuing victims of human trafficking is only half of the mission at Operation Underground Railroad.

Jessica Mass is in charge of what happens next. In today’s episode of the I See You podcast, Jessica, Director of Aftercare at O.U.R., reveals some of the greatest things she has learned while working to save survivors of human trafficking. This interview is full of hope and light. Find what YOU can do to help the cause to end human trafficking. YOU are needed and YOU can help.

O.U.R. Website

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Episode 98: Becoming Mentally Strong w/ Matt Reynolds, Former NFL Offensive Tackle

If you follow football, you may remember Matt Reynold’s for his raw athletic talent, strength, and famous ‘helmet-less block.’ Today, Matt takes us on a journey through the mental and emotional pressure of being in the spotlight and competing against high stakes, all while dealing with challenges in your personal life.

In today’s episode, Matt reminds all of us about the importance of letting go what we can’t control, and getting intentional about what we can.

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Episode 97: Powerful Interactions w/ Jodi Orgill Brown

Jodi’s life changed forever when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor-wrapped around her brain stem. Leaving her physical appearance changed forever, Jodi has seen up-close and personal how human interactions with others can change a life.

Jodi is an author of four books, a speaker, a coach, an interactions expert, and a dear friend. We are grateful for her unique perspective on the podcast today!

Jodi’s Website

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Episode 94: Missing and Celebrating Someone At Christmas

As 2020 comes to an end, many of us are missing people this Christmas. My sister-in-law Briana is no stranger to these emotions. After unexpectedly delivering a stillborn baby, she found healing and meaning by celebrating her daughter throughout the holidays. Today she shares experiences and wisdom about how to honor someone at Christmas, and find some magic amidst the sadness.

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Episode 93: People Business w/Ty and Sarah Bennett

As a corporate keynote speaker, Ty Bennett has an important message for all of us as we navigate this strange pandemic. It’s the same thing he’s telling leaders all over the world; it’s time to double down on our relationships. Today, Ty is joined by his incredible wife Sarah, for a conversation about connection, showing up, and getting intentional.

Ty’s Website

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