Episode 75: I Am Us w/ Jennie Taylor, widow of Major Brent Taylor

When Jennie’s husband was killed in Afghanistan, she had the whole nation watching.  Mother of seven children, and wife to a mayor AND major in the National Guard, Jennie Taylor’s life was full.  And she was happy with it.  When two soldiers in uniform knocked on her door, every aspect of her life dramatically changed.

Jennie shares what it feels like to lose a loved one, and how in a way she cannot explain, she and her husband are now one.

This podcast episode was recorded in front of a live audience near San Diego, California.  And it was the coolest.

This podcast’s sponsor: Utah Homicide Survivors

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  1. I hate to see others suffer. However, I love the resilience and strength manifested by those who have suffered. I appreciate Jennie’s ability to bring insight to true love and preserverence. Thank you for the podcasts.

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