Episode 60: Why I Love the Grinch

For my kids, the Grinch JUST CAME OUT. It’s what we watch, play make believe about, and talk about. So obviously, it’s on my brain. I’ve got all sorts of love for this grumpy misfit and the way his journey turned out. Today I explore how I relate to the Grinch and why in some ways, I hope to be just like him.

This Week’s Sponsor: Briana Hoffman, Realtor

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  1. I love how you want to be the one who shows up again and again and "carves the roast beast." I do too! I’m grateful it’s okay if sometimes we’re grumpy and want to hole up our little caves because this happens to me a bit more then I want to admit. I think I’m going to try to build in Whoville, too, instead of on my self ostracized mountaintop. I can totally relate with maybe a need for super-thick walls, a jacuzzi, some peppermint oil, books, and fuzzy blankets to help protect my vulnerability while all the while I’m trying to reach out and be part of community where I can feel belonging and bring my individual gifts.

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