Episode 51: Suicide Changed The Way I Do Business

Lark never imagined her son would take his own life. She was shocked and consumed with pain. As a business coach, she used to focus on the external parts of maintaining a successful business, but not anymore.

Having a new perspective following the suicide of her 19-year-old son, Christian, Lark has drastically changed the way she trains companies. Her focus is on the internal person, the worth of a single employee. Her story is powerful and needed in a world where people are touched by suicide everywhere.

Remember: suicide is everyone’s problem, we need to be aware and protect our families.

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  1. I appreciated learning some helpful coping skills that someone who has gone through this heartbreaking experience, could use 1) you can’t blame or point fingers 2) we can have regrets or sadness but we can make changes. and 3) watch out for people on the fringes rather than holding it inside.

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