Episode 26: Hi, I’m Jame; An Addict in Recovery

No one would have ever suspected Jame would have a drug addiction, least of all him . Jame always tried to do what was right and has a kind heart. After an accident as a police officer left him in chronic pain, Jame became entrenched in the world of prescription pain pills. As his addiction got worse, he experienced hopelessness and almost lost his family. Jame Kelley is here to tell us his story, a story of hitting rock bottom, getting up, and fighting for those he loves most.

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  1. Jame you have been an inspiration to me from the moment I met you!! You have touched so many lives and can’t deny that you have found your purpose!! During one of the hardest times in my life you were there and if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have made it!! Thank you for being amazingly you!!

  2. Thank you Julie! I am Jame’s mother. I enjoyed listening to this though I cried through the whole thing. When I was pregnant with Jame, I received an assurance from Heavenly Father that I was carrying a great spirit, who would be a great man, and do much good in this world. And it has come to pass. Jame has always been easy to love; the addiction was not him, and I would have given anything to spare him all the agony and torture he went through in the deep part of it. God also told me when I worried myself sick and wondered what I could do most to help: "You cannot save him; but I can, and I will." All I had to do was love him unconditionally, and as you can see, that is easy with Jame. I feel so blessed to be his mother. I am so grateful he is still with us, that he is able to help others because of it. Thanks for recording this as a witness that addictions can be conquered. We shall carry on!

  3. Thank you for this podcast! I always get excited on Fridays because I know there is a new podcast to enjoy. I really enjoyed this week’s and it was for me. Having a close family member that has chosen an addiction over their family and has broken many relationships is hard but because of this episode it has helped me remember that they are a person too and even though we don’t talk, forgiveness can still happen. They are a person and they deserve my love just as much as the next person…even if it’s given in a different way. Thank you so much Julie! "I See You" has changed my life! Thank you for using our gift and sharing it with others.

  4. This was a very touching episode me. Good people make mistakes and its never as black and white as some people want it to be. Jame has always been an inspiration to me. I also think Tara is an incredible women that stuck by his side through it all. They have such sweet kids. Great family!

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