Episode 65: The Meaning In My Suffering

Two weeks ago, I found myself waist deep in “the hole”. All the things I speak and podcast about became even more important to me than they were the day before. Today I share what it felt like to be in the hole again, even just for a couple days, and the resources I tapped into that helped me get back out. I discuss the meaning behind my suffering, in hopes you can find yours. I also quote Viktor Frankl a lot.

This Week’s Sponsor: Tony Overbay, host of The Virtual Couch and creator of The Path Back

The Path Back Recovery Website

Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search For Meaning

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  1. I love your aha moment at 16:50! Brilliant. Thank you for sharing. <3

    Living in Japan has taught me what it feels like to be isolated and lonely. I’m learning how reach out and how to be more companionate to myself.

    Love you!

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