Episode 12 Authentic Ugly Crying; I Just Want a Baby

It’s easy to be authentic AFTER we get through a heartbreak. But being authentic during it, just might be what we need to survive it.

Years of infertility just about broke me, and it’s okay. Because it’s okay to feel pain, to feel anger-just make sure you share it with someone you trust. And no matter what, stay YOU.

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  1. This one made me cry. (Okay maybe they all do!) The whole world needs this. Thank you for sharing your experiences and wisdom openly. You’re conclusion was profound. Not everyone gets the miracle they are hoping for- in the end that’s not the point. Being open to receive love from others through our hard times is. Christ’s manifold grace is sufficient and usually comes through other people. I have learned that too. Love you!

  2. I found your podcast through a Facebook friend. Thank for putting into words how I feel about getting my "eventually day".

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