Connection Cleans Culture.

Keynote Speaker

Julie Lee is not a typical keynote speaker.

Through research and stories that are both vulnerable and inspiring, Julie delivers the wholehearted message that connection has the ability to up-level -even transform- work culture; a relevant message that is right on time.

Julie Lee will empower your audience with the tools necessary to bring humanity into leadership and to become the kind of leader we all want to follow.

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Inspiring Author

Mental Health Advocate

Julie’s personal experiences with human connection saved and changed the trajectory of her life, ignited the passion behind her I See You mission, and made her into a powerful advocate of mental wellness
With over 100 episodes on her podcast I See You, she empowers thousands of listeners to succeed in relationships by embracing human connection.

Raw Vulnerability

Julie is one of the most relatable and empathetic people I have ever collaborated with…her raw vulnerability blows me away. -Tony Overbay, LMFT, Author and Host of the Virtual Couch Podcast

"When you see me, I want to follow you."

"What our clients have to say"

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Latest Podcast

Episode 100: We Save Kids By Saving Ourselves First

Episode 2 Finale! Today, I discuss why my focus is narrowing. As a speaker and writer, I am striving to help the adults who most consistently influence kids: parents and educators. While the youth in our world are experiencing awful increases in anxiety, depression, and suicide, I feel hopeful for the future.

As adults, we have the power to model for the kids in our lives, how to navigate negative emotions, practice self compassion, and embrace our differences. Change is coming.

Episode Sponsor: Tony Overbay, Host of the Virtual Couch

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Episode 99: Freeing the Captive w/ Jessica Mass, Director of Aftercare at Operation Underground Railroad

Rescuing victims of human trafficking is only half of the mission at Operation Underground Railroad.

Jessica Mass is in charge of what happens next. In today’s episode of the I See You podcast, Jessica, Director of Aftercare at O.U.R., reveals some of the greatest things she has learned while working to save survivors of human trafficking. This interview is full of hope and light. Find what YOU can do to help the cause to end human trafficking. YOU are needed and YOU can help.

O.U.R. Website

Episode Sponsor: Tony Overbay

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