I See You Leadership

We live in a time when the mental health of our people is needing more attention and support than ever. Current research shows that over half of employees struggle with anxiety and/or depression. What’s the most stressful part of their jobs? 75% of the participants in a recent study answered that it’s interacting with their immediate boss.

With a world-wide pandemic and increased divisiveness in our society at large, our people are suffering from the effects of isolation. Isolation is the mistress of poor mental health; how do we help our people heal from its effects? By doing exactly the opposite of isolation.

We make connection a top priority in our organizations. We become the kind of leaders our people want to follow anywhere.

There has never been a more important time to grow into the kind of leader people know they can count on. People need authentic leaders who can shape a work culture that fosters authenticity, trust, and connection.

Julie Lee will empower your audience with the tools necessary to bring humanity into leadership and to become the kind of leader we all want to follow.

The Connected Leader

The idea that prestige is what people want most from a job is outdated. The priority has become what they need, which is a positive work culture where they feel seen, appreciated, and trusted. How do we become the kind of leader that can foster this kind of authenticity? Targeting specific skills that foster connection. Creating trust by modeling how to be a genuine team player. Understanding what matters most to our people. The result? We expect innovative ideas and top performance to be at an all-time high as our people thrive in a workplace where they know they belong.

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