Episode 74: Healing My Mind After Abuse w/ James Burnham, Executive Coach

James spent a lot of his life not looking at  memories from the past, until he realized how much they were holding him back.  James was physically, sexually, and emotionally abused as a young boy.  For years.  Today, James talks about the powerful lessons he has learned as he has chosen to heal from his trauma.  It changes the way he parents, coaches, and shows up for life.  We discuss the power of mindfulness, vulnerability, and of course, Brene Brown.

James Burnham Website

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Episode 73: Healthy Connection w/Carolynn Morris, from MyOrangeSoul

Today we are joined by a communications guru!  Carolynn Morris is a life coach, a keynote speaker, and her passion is helping people elevate their communication.  Today, she and I discuss how to create healthy connections, set up boundaries, and live a more fulfilling life through positive communication.

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Have you been wanting to catch up on previous episodes?  Now is your chance!  As my personal and professional life shift, podcasts will be released every other Friday for the time being.

Carolynn Morris Website

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Episode 72: The Plastic Bag Principle w/ Michelle McCullough

How do let our baggage fuel us forward instead of hold us back?  As a little girl, Michelle obtained some baggage both literally and figuratively.  Today she shares how she has used her baggage to perform at a higher level, rather than let it bring her down.

Michelle McCullough started her first business when she was 19 and currently runs 3 companies including consulting businesses all over the world.  A seasoned speaker, Michelle teaches success principles and leadership insights that help boost employee engagement and higher performance.

There will be a 2 week podcast break for the holidays!  Look for Episode 73 on Friday, January 10th!

Michelle McCullough Website

Episode Sponsor: Utah Homicide Survivors

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Episode 71: What Survivors Need w/ Brandon Merrill, Executive Director and Attorney at Utah Homicide Survivors

After toilet papering a house when he was 16, today’s guest never imagined where a police ‘ride along’ experience would lead him. But it was for the better. Brandon Merrill chose a very different path then the average law grad. He is the founder of the non-profit organization, Utah Homicide Survivors, and he dedicates his career to helping family members of murder victims. Today he shares some of the most valuable lessons he has learned, specific examples of seeing the best in your community, and how to live a happy life while wading in turbulent waters.

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Episode 70: No Limits w/Melinda Bird

Measuring at 2 feet 2 inches, Melinda Bird is use to people underestimating her. In fact doctors told her parents to let her die as an infant, they said she would have no life. Today she shares how her parents taught her how to thrive in her body, exactly as she is. From 4-wheeling, to volunteering at local animal rescue foundations, Melinda exudes both drive and compassion. This Week’s Sponsor: Briana Hoffman, Realtor Melinda Bird’s Email: melindabird73@gmail.com

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Episode 69: We Do This Together; Rob’s Perspective w/Rob Lee

As a speaker and podcaster, I often get asked about my husband’s perspective on my journey with mental health. What was he thinking through all this? Today, I interview Rob and he shares his take on the last 10 years.

My husband and I are very different people. But some of the things we share in common are our common experiences, the challenges we have been through together in our first 10 years of marriage. We like each other a lot.

This Week’s Episode Sponsor: Tony Overbay

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Episode 68: The Stress of Medical School

Becoming a doctor isn’t easy, and for radiology resident, Lane Miner, the stress could be overwhelming at times. During his second year of medical school, Lane experienced his first panic attack. And more would follow. He was forced to take a journey of self discovery and struggle, where he gained gifts that he now extends to others. Not only has Lane helped me get through some of my own mental health journey, he has gained an increased empathy for all who struggle, which translates to him becoming one of the most compassionate physicians and people that I know.

This Week’s Sponsor: Tony Overbay, Host of The Virtual Couch podcast

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Episode 67: Protecting the White House w/ Secret Service Officer Charles White

Having a stutter his whole life has been a challenge for Charles White, but it certainly hasn’t stopped him. As a Secret Service Officer for the White House, Officer White serves his country during the day and loves to karaoke at night.

I met Officer White while on my annual girl’s trip. Our girls trip this year had special meaning for my family. And while touring the white house, we met a very special human being.

This Episode’s Sponsor: Tony Overbay

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