Episode 79: Disordered Eating w/ Chanelle Neilson

Do you have a healthy relationship with food? Chanelle Neilson has worked hard to answer yes. In today’s episode, she describes the journey she has taken to change the voices in her head and to practice gratitude for her God-given body. Her applicable tools are already helping me in my own negative self-talk around my body and food.

Chanelle’s Website: Moms Who Know Podcast

Episode Sponsor: Tony Overbay

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Episode 75: I Am Us w/ Jennie Taylor, widow of Major Brent Taylor

When Jennie’s husband was killed in Afghanistan, she had the whole nation watching. Mother of seven children, and wife to a mayor AND major in the National Guard, Jennie Taylor’s life was full. And she was happy with it. When two soldiers in uniform knocked on her door, every aspect of her life dramatically changed.

Jennie shares what it feels like to lose a loved one, and how in a way she cannot explain, she and her husband are now one.

This podcast episode was recorded in front of a live audience near San Diego, California. And it was the coolest.

This podcast’s sponsor: Utah Homicide Survivors

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Episode 74: Healing My Mind After Abuse w/ James Burnham, Executive Coach

James spent a lot of his life not looking at  memories from the past, until he realized how much they were holding him back.  James was physically, sexually, and emotionally abused as a young boy.  For years.  Today, James talks about the powerful lessons he has learned as he has chosen to heal from his trauma.  It changes the way he parents, coaches, and shows up for life.  We discuss the power of mindfulness, vulnerability, and of course, Brene Brown.

James Burnham Website

This Week’s Sponsor: Briana Hoffman, Realtor

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