Episode 91: Keeping a New Promise w/Les Patterson

Les had experiences in his youth that reinforced a negative promise he was keeping. One experience in high school changed all that, so Les could break free and make a new, better promise to himself. Today, he shares what he has done to change his story and his promise.

Les is the founder of Red Edge Mentoring, a veteran of the US National Guard, and a dear friend.

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Red Edge Mentoring

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Episode 90: Seeing Through A Pandemic

Today, I talk about how to overcome black and white thinking without abandoning our own convictions.

As shown on September 11, 2001, Crises have an incredible way of unifying people who could otherwise feel disconnected. COVID is a history-changing time; let’s allow 2020 to make us softer instead of harder.

Listen to Episode 80 to hear Amy’s perspective on giving up control, specifically during COVID.

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Episode 88: Saving Haiti, O.U.R., and Black Lives Matter w/Williamson Sintyl

When the earthquake hit Haiti, Williamson was buried beneath a building for 28 hours. He made an important promise during those hours that he plans to keep. Today, join me and Williamson as we discuss some of the most relevant topics in the news today.

Williamson is the founder of Arise; Project for Humanity. Kevin Hart, famous comedian, has just donated to the foundation the cash necessary to build their first mentoring center in Haiti. Find out more about the amazing work he is doing at www.ariseprojectforhumanity.com.

Find out more about my new book, the podcast, and speaking engagements at my website: www.julieleespeaks.com.

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Episode 87: Hope for the Homebound w/Carly Robison

Hope for the Homebound Carly Robison was wearing masks before it was cool. Managing life-threatening health conditions for the last eleven years has made this extroverted woman a champion for all of us to learn from, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. She shares the lessons she has learned and ways to connect with people who are lonely or homebound.

Carly is also host of the podcast, “A Light in the Darkness”. Find out more about her at her website: www.carlyrobison.org.

You can buy my new book “I See You” on Amazon or my website www.julieleespeaks.com

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Episode 86: Challenging the Stigma w/Drew Young

Drew and I have a conversation about our different journeys with mental health, and what we can do to challenge the stigma against it. We hope to help create an emotionally safe culture where all can feel seen.

You can listen to other episodes of the I See You podcast, find my book, and other news about my mission at: https://julieleespeaks.com/

The I See You podcast is also on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Play, and all the other podcast apps.

Drew Young’s website: http://drewbyoung.com/

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Episode 85: Some Things Are Meant To Be

We are experiencing a lot of noise, especially over the last few months. Amidst the chaos, I am finding that some things are meant to be; today I share how that realization is helping me cope and why I think it might help you too.

You can preorder my new book I See You and the bracelet at my website www.julieleespeaks.com.

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