Episode 54: A Conversation About PTSD

Has the term PTSD become too common place? Do we know what it means? How do you know if you have it? What does it mean when someone says they have PTSD?

I’m excited to have Megan HIllukka here today to discuss her own experiences with a PTSD diagnosis and how she has found hope in her beautiful life. Megan opens up about finding her dead child and the battles she has fought to be where she is now, a compassionate human being who’s trying to help others heal from trauma.

Megan Hillukka’s Website

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  1. I didn’t know much about PTSD and this was good for me to learn more about. I remember years and years of going into my children’s bedrooms to check that they were still breathing before I could go to sleep. I’m pretty sure my anxiety over this was nowhere near the pain that I’m imagining Megan Hillukka experienced and I reverence what she’s been through. I also reverence the pain that you’ve worked through, Julie, related to this topic 🙏💜. Thank you so much Lydee for your beautiful singing at the beginning and end of this!! I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!

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