Episode 28: Meet My Therapist

I might be the first podcaster to interview my own therapist on the air! Today you get to meet my therapist, Nan Fitzgerald. She has held my hand throughout my continued journey of healing. In this episode, we will have a conversation about MINDFULNESS. Mindfulness is powerful, yet often, it is a concept that is misunderstood. Seek to understand. You won’t regret it.

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  1. I learned quite a lot from this podcast and one of the biggest things was an appreciation for the intellect and wisdom of therapist Nan Fitzgerald. I think Nan is a remarkable and discerning thinker, speaker, and teacher.

    Some wonderful gems that this podcast gifted me was an insight that mindfulness is taking things one day at a time and that the minute I say, "What if?" I’m not present. Mindfulness is also it’s own kind of pondering and prayer. Truth is truth, even if it’s expressed in different vocabulary. We can’t avoid pain, but we can choose how we will suffer.

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