Episode 63: When Your Child Takes A Different Path

Have you had a kid who made decisions far from the path you wanted for them? Magali was that kid. Pregnant at 15 was not where she or her parents thought her grown-up life would begin, but it did. Her path did not end there and her life was not over. Now, as a parent, she is watching her own children take unique paths and she has felt some of the feelings her own parents experienced watching her struggle. Magali brings her beautiful, full-circle story to our podcast. You cannot help but love Magali Cromar for her courage, her heart, and her wisdom that will help us each change the way we interact with those we love most.

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  1. This episode brought me to tears! I can relate to so much of Magali’s story, as I took a different path than my parents would have hoped for me to get to where I am today. And now, as I’m raising my teenagers, I have to constantly remind myself of the same words that Magali shared – that my job is just to love them, no matter what. Thank you for always having such inspiring episodes! I can’t get enough!

  2. I’m imagining how special that was for Magali to receive that Mother’s Day flower from her mom. I reverence that relationship connection she shares with her son.

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