Episode 62: Growing Into A Drummer w/ Clint Pulver

Clint speaks to thousands at once, but today he is speaking to you. This now professional drummer and keynote speaker was once bullied and nicknamed “tapper” and “twitcher”. In today’s episode, Clint shares his magical story of being introduced to his first pair of drumsticks through an act of compassion. His life experiences and opportunities stemmed from one person who chose to see his tendencies as an opportunity instead of a problem. He ends are episode with two important pieces of wisdom for anyone who is struggling. If you are looking for pick-me-up or a small glimmer of hope, today’s episode is for you.

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  1. I really appreciated how Mr. Jensen recognized Clint’s gift as not a problem, but as a solution. I have a daughter who walks to the beat of her own drummer (she loves to act and sing) and I really enjoyed listening to this episode a second time with her. I loved Clint’s words, "Great mentors connect people to their dreams," and your’s that mentors like Mr. Falker who give us permission to live to our full potential.

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